ICYMI on DevCentral - July 2022

DevCentral publishes a lot of articles and videos each month so it's easy for interesting content to get lost on the timeline. Here's a snapshot of the top viewed articles and videos from July 2022, in case you missed it! 


Solved on the Technical Forum

The Technical Forum is a fantastic place to get help from the community in answering your technical questions. Here's some of the top-viewed questions with accepted solutions in July. Special shout out to StephanManthey for being a great resource to the community this month!


F5 Technical Articles

The Technical Articles section is a great place to find F5 technical SMEs sharing lessons learned and best practices with the community. Here's some of the most viewed posts from July: 

If you'd like to see a Technical Article about a topic in particular, please let us know in the comments. 


Demos and Livestreams

buulam and AubreyKingF5 give everyone a tour of the F5 Tower in Seattle, highlighting three cool things they found during their exploration. 


PSilva goes into the fundamentals of Common Vulnerability & Exposures or CVEs which provides definitions for all publicly known cybersecurity vulnerabilities and exposures.


F5's Amir Rawdat, Solutions Engineer for Modern Applications, has written an entire book on this subject and will discuss the main things a kubernetes administrator needs to pay attention to with their deployment.


Cameron_Delano talks about how F5 Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence provides you the visibility and capability to rescue real users lost due to login friction.


Learn how Distributed Cloud Services can use advanced networking capabilities in cloud sites like AWS Transit Gateway connected VPC’s to route traffic across the Distributed Cloud global network to a peer connected VNET site in Azure.


See you next month! 

Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to the community in July. If you have any ideas or suggestions, don't hesitate to pop over and write a comment in our Suggestions box. See you out there in the community! 

Published Aug 05, 2022
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