TCP Profile LAN Optimized

Problem this snippet solves:

This is a custom TCP profile which optimizes TCP traffic for a Local Area Network environment by tuning the TCP stack.

Disabling bandwidth delay prevents LTM from attempting to calculate the optimal bandwidth to use to the client, based on throughput and round-trip time, without exceeding the available bandwidth. Nagle's Algorithm is useful for reducing the number of short segments on the network. (Neither is necessary for low-latency LAN traffic, and can introduce latency and overhead due to the required calculations.) The buffer and window sizes are optimized to maximize throughput/minimize latency.

(This profile is included as a standard profile in LTM 9.4.)

Code :

profile tcp tcp-lan-optimized {
    bandwidth delay disable
    nagle disable
    slow start disable
    ack on push enable
    proxy buffer low 98304
    proxy buffer high 131072
    send buffer 65535
    recv window 65535
Published Mar 12, 2015
Version 1.0

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