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Sep 29, 2022

Set open in new page as the default for hyperlinks in posts

Relatively minor thing, but it would be nice if the option in the post hyperlink editor had the "Open in new page" option as the default selection. Or, if instead of a global change, maybe this could be a per-user preference?

hyperlink editor

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    JoshBecigneul - thanks for the suggestion. I saw this right before I left for PTO and *lucky* I was only gone for a week - so I remembered it was here.

    I've not considered this exact request before but, historically, my web-design best practice guidance was always to let the user decide to open a new tab rather than defaulting it for them.
    BUT...that was "traditional website" speak before the age of tabbed browsers and probably NOT taking into consideration just how we tend to use modern browsers (multi-tab-groups all opened at once in the background).

    So, that is to say I will revisit this 'guidance' and see what I can find. Further input from you (3rd party pages, or anyone else) is welcome. FWIW, I *don't think* a per-user preference on this individual default is feasible but I won't take it off the table just yet.