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Feb 10, 2022

Problem with F5 Cookies

What I've noticed is that when I access to


Without any previous access to an F5 site (let's say, for example using incognito mode), the page is getting stuck loading indefinitely waiting to provide your cookie preferences.


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  • Status changed:

    I am on it Dario_Garrido thank you. And thanks to boneyard as well who brought this to my attention earlier. I lost track of my progress here. Thanks to you both. 
    Thanks jaikumar_f5 for the confirmation testing. Nice to know it is perhaps not 100% systemic.

  • remains weird, incognito edge gives me the described issues, incognito chrome doesnt at first, but after selecting OK does end up in the same issue. firefox private also same issue, spinning circles where it should be able to accept cookies.

  • For what it's worth, same problem here - rest of the pages work well, just the cookie preferences page that doesn't work. Also not limited to DevCentral, but have noticed it on other F5 pages too (such as the Agility page) 

    I've left this page running in the background and the screenshot was taken at least 10 minutes after first browsing to the page. 

  • whoa!! AlexBCT - I was just commenting that it is fixed.
    Ahhh - I see. You are on f5agility.com - DevCentral should be fixed and you should be able to accept the cookies there...once accepted on community.f5.com this f5agility bug should resolve.

    I'll let them know they have the same issue. 😄

  • also confirmed fixed here, posting this from Edge InPrivate after accepting cookies.