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Mar 17, 2022

Notification feed in local time?

Trivial thing, but hopefully also trivial to fix.  The notification feed here:

Notification feed - DevCentral (

Appears to list items, and sort them, based on - at a guess - the local time zone of the person who made the update?  All I can really tell is that mine is not in chronological order...


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  • Status changed:

    RobM - I looked at my notification feed and yours - they both look like they are in chronological order to me.

    BUT...maybe that is because i'm in the TimeZone where the changes were made?

    Can you either PM me (or paste here) a screencap of the order in which you see the notifications?
    Further - you may be able to adjust timezones and display preferences for things in your
    My Preferences > Settings (

    You can optionally change your Date Display Format to include the timezone using this notation.

    dd-MMM-yyyy | zzz
    (there is a backend issue with reporting or else I'd have this set as the default for all)

  • I'm being dumb.

    I forgot that, in addition to commenting after buulam, you had also commented on my other ticket before him.

    Nothing to see here, but thabnks for looking at it.