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Feb 04, 2022

iHealth Upgrade Advisor

Please bring back the upgrade advisor and allow us to do some work using automation instead of reading 9 chapters to do an upgrade. This advisor would relay on my version and what I need as it gets its details from the current Qkview. We need the time we spend on reading documentation in doing our jobs and any tool that helps on that is really essential. Thank you in advance for your consideration to get this tool



  • Really appreciate that. I've been trying to read the release notes of version 16.1.2 for couple of weeks and keep getting interrupted or go to a different document. It's really not working well. Thank you!

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      If you still manage BIG-IPs and spend time reviewing the release notes, then I would also like you to use Bug Tracker, which is available @ Bug Tracker | MyF5. 

      Based on Product modules, you can filter known issues and bugs fixed in each BIG-IP software version.

  • Jacqueline_Tadr - this is REALLY old. My apologies for not following up sooner.
    I never really ran this all the way to ground. 

    Is it still an issue for you?

    Have you happened to bring this up to your F5 Solutions Engineer? This is probably going to need to go through the RFE process around your particular products.

    If you have not been able to make progress here send me a private message LiefZimmerman and I'll try to help you get in contact with your account team.

  • Status changed:

    Jacqueline_Tadr - let me know if this needs followup with your account team.
    I'll set this suggestion to *declined* for now as I think it's either explained or the process to open an RFE with your account team can close this loop on the Community Suggestions page.

    If you disagree let me know and we can explore next steps.