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Feb 23, 2022

DevCentral Community: Daily Digest mailer



Recently I noticed that the DevCentral Community: Daily Digest mail that I'm receiving, especially from the codeshare one is actually showing the complete code in the mail as well.


Back then, to view the code we had to login to the forum to see the code as it was hidden, both from internet and from mail as well (hope my memory is right).


Shouldn't the code be hidden and should be visible from the portal alone.

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  • Status changed:

    Thanks jaikumar_f5 for the suggestion.

    Your memory is correct - previously code in codeshare was gated to registrations. On the new platform we deliberately chose to un-gate that content; putting it all together in the CrowdSRC section with more freeform (non-code-sample) content that any registered user may choose to contribute.
    For simplicity and transparency sake, it made sense to keep that all open.

    Subscribing to an email like the Daily Digest you have is still restricted to users with a valid registration.
    RSS Feed subscriptions remain open to anonymous users.

    I'll set this suggestion to Delivered (I guess?) as the new behavior you describe was done intentionally.