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Mar 27, 2023
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Badge for Towel Day

Last year we received a badge for logging in on Star Wars day. How about a bagde for Towel Day this year? For all Douglas Adams fans in the community 😁



  • LiefZimmerman - added to the list!

    While most of these will probably be special Jimmy Packets cosplays rather than badges, I've got these so far for 2024:
    Star Trek First Contact Day (April 5, 2024 - I want to mark this because of how significant the show has been in inspiring countless scientists and engineers, plus it is the actual day mentioned in the franchise)
    May the Fourth (May 4, of course)
    Towel Day (May 25, and thanks for all the fish)
    Star Trek Day (September 8 - we'll skip celebrating the Bell Riots which are supposed to also be that month and year, as per Deep Space Nine) 
    Halloween (October 31, because Jimmy Packets really likes a chance to put on a costume)

    Happy to consider adding more days if folks want to suggest some. 🙂

  • Its a bit late - but i would vote for "Enders day" - I would propose Jan 15th as a day as its the release date of the book, actually Ender was born 11BX   ~600 years AFTER the recorder virus spread, and 11 years Before Xenocide. takes place .

    If one were to read the book or google  "key themes to enders game" - you can quickly see how this Sci-fi book relates to leadership, managment, wars, work, moral complexities, and decision making.   As you read, assign your current work project similart to the tasks the leaders are putting forth to the students of the school.   Everyone has a job to do, however only the person above has the bigger picture.   You soon learn that the person above - has another person above with a bigger picture - and they are only clearly communication a portion of what needs done, as they dont have all the answer and are depenednt on the students solving the bigger picture.

    On of my top 10 reads.