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Jan 11, 2023
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Adding a summary / overview at the start of the Daily Digest

So I have signed up to the daily digest emails for some of the forums and groups here.

That gets me daily emails like this

DevCentral Community: Daily Digest

Hello boneyard,

You have 64 new subscriptions & activity updates in the DevCentral Community.

Board: Technical Forum (62 Updates)

name1 posted a new reply on 10-Jan-2023 05:04

Re: irule or policy to match url and then update pool members port

Then i see the whole content and then the next and next in the order they were posted. Which means content is mixed if two posts are discussed at the same time.

This becomes quite a long email and depending on the replies tricky to follow.

On another similar website I get a similar daily email that starts like this:

started 3 days ago, name1 (1 reply)
Product integration with Securly MDM external link to thread view
1. I have not seen such an integration. You may ask... name3

started 8 days ago, name2 (11 replies)
Product - Connecting from VPN with RDP external link to thread view
2. Did you see this video < name3
3. Yes, I have just seen the first video you... name2
4. any switching of VLANs breaks things like login... name4

So not the full content yet, but a summary per subject with the replies in order and quick first line. After that it will list the full posts, but this first section often is enough to see what I want to look into further. Also makes it easy to spot posts without replies.

For the people that use the Daily Digest (are there any more than me?), is this something you would like to see?


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    Needs Info

    Thanks for posting this boneyard.

    I went through the documentation and took a look at the code that builds those emails and YIKES!! it is way beyond my "business technical" skills.

    So, I'll get a shell record in my backlog and hope some other people chime in with thoughts & preferences on what they may like to see in the Daily Digest email.


  • Hey Boneyard,

    did you changed any settings in your notification settings? By default you get only a Kudos summary in the daily digest. Where the format is okay for me...

    Would be good to know your setting to see if the format is getting out of control if you change the settings? 

    Cheers, Kai

  • I believe it is a combination of these two

    === Notification Settings

    New topics or articles posted in boards I subscribe to - In a Daily digest
    Any comments on the articles, blog articles or events in boards I subscribe to [v]

    === Email Format

    [v] Remove HTML from posts
    [v] Remove user signatures from posts
    Email content
    Subject and body
    Subject only
    (*) Use default (Subject and body)
    Email format
    Plain text
    (*) Use default (Automatic)