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Dec 02, 2022

Add optional information fields to member profiles

Hi DevCentral Team,

a community is based on individual people - which are more than just a "Name Tag", a "Profile Picture", a "Forum Role" and "Badge/Post/Kudo/Solution" counter.

Please add some optional Profile fields to make the DevCentral Community more personal. Add fields like:

  • MotD
  • About me
  • Company Name / Job Titel
  • Github URL:
  • LinkedIn/FB/etc. 
  • Link to DevCentral Feature of the Month Interview (if exists)

Cheers, Kai


  • Status changed:
    Needs Info

    Kai_Wilke -

    Most of what you mention exists already. Basic detals are in the Help File here.

    Further details:
    Your Signature (added to the end of every post - future and historic) or Biography can be custom built by you to include all manner of things such as links to your Feature Of The Month.

    LinkedIn and FB were removed by design - You could use "personal webpage" for that if you like.
    We didn't want to *yet* get into PII issues associated with specific fields (too much maintenance right out of the gate) and felt like it just wasn't needed yet. Could change.

    GITHUB - that's a different animal entirely. I have plans for GitHub in the coming months. I mean, you could always add that to your own Sig or Bio section too but...as a *working* site we may go specific on that one.

    I don't know what MotD is? Message of the day? If so...that's a new request I'd not heard of before.
    Is that what you mean?



  • I updated my profile information.

    But how can someone else see for example my Job-Titel, my Company Page and my Bio?

    When I click on someone else Profile i can only see their statistic and badges... 

    MotD is Motto of the Day. Its a short phrase... like the phrase in my signature.

    I'm not asking for a rich Github integration, a contact link list where WWW, Github, Gist, LinkedIn etc. are selectable options would be fine. 

    Cheers, Kai

  • Status changed:
    Needs Info

    Ohh - I see. 

    To allow someone to see your profile information a user can enable "Preferences > Privacy > Show Private > Information in Profile to...

    I tested this and it does show the AboutMe section publicly.
    I didn't notice anything else it exposed but it didn't show email or ip address or anything so it *might* be what you are looking for.

    That said...Title, WebPage, etc were (I suspect) removed from the header section at launch for two reasons
    1) they were ugly and cluttery OOTB and
    2) they looked like they would expose information we didn't want to drop without full inspection.

    We err on the side of caution when it comes to PII (we were burned pretty badly before).

    That said, I understand your request ; we are community of humans and it would be nice to get some *humanity* back in the mix.
    I can't promise much right now but I'll see if I can figure out how to add at least Title, WebPage, and at least the available components on the Profile Settings - back onto the View Profile Page.


  • Let me comment on this:

    "Your Signature (added to the end of every post - future and historic) or Biography can be custom built by you to include all manner of things such as links to your Feature Of The Month."

    The signature is cool for a MotD. Thanks!

    But i would probably not want to include my Job-Titel, Company Web, Gist/GitHub URL and whatever link i wish to every single post as a signature.

    That would be slighly pretentious and probably spam the forum.

    If someone wants to know more about me they should just check my profile. But right now there is no real estate beside my username reserved for such information.

    Cheers, Kai

  • Gosh just found where the Bio is placed if explicitly enabled.

    You have to scroll a lot to finally find it where you would probably not expect it... ­čśë

    Cheers, Kai

  • I think all personal information should be close to the username. In the current layout there is not much room left.

    The statistics and gamification consuming lot of space. Maybe moving those one row down to get more room for user datails? 

    And yes, I'm using my iPhone right now.. The responsive mode moves the "About me" cell basically at the buttom of the page. 

    Cheers, Kai