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Dec 01, 2022

Add a "Sort by: Latest comments" filter to the Forum

Hi DevCentral Team,

it sometimes happens that questions are pushed out of the first screen of the DevCentral forum while being still actively used.

The DevCentral forum sorts the posts purely based on the date of the original question and not based on lastest comments. This makes it basically impossible to spot new comments made to rather old questions... 

The setting "My settings : Preferences : General : Sort topics by" seems to be broken. Even if the mode is set to "Time of most recent post" it will still prefer postings via "Original posting date".

The "Sorted by:" drop down menu on the forums start page does also not include a filter to sort by "Latest changes/comments".

It would be cool if you implement a functionality to display the most recent changes in the forum independently if the change was a new post or a new comment to an existing post.

Cheers, Kai


  • Status changed:

    Kai_Wilke - this is a really good suggestion. Similar (but different) to something else on my list. I'll mark this as Investigating for now and see if I can sort out the differences/similarities and make a proposed update.



  • In the old DevCentral Forum, we had a "Last Replied by" field attached to each Question in the Question list.

    I pretty much liked the feature, because it has allowed me to track recent forum activity. You may put this feature in your list of things to consider... 🙂 

    Cheers, Kai