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Introducing NGINX One: Our new SaaS-based platform to manage NGINX

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Monday, Jun 24 2024 10:00 AM PDT

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πŸš€ Join us LIVE for an exclusive walkthrough of NGINX One, the all-in-one solution that's transforming NGINX management! Are you already part of a platform team or maybe platform-team curious? Or are you part of an app delivery team, or maybe a developer?  NGINX One has something for everyone, from high-level fleet management to observability to zeroing in on security optimizations and helping you fix these deep down in the details of your configuration. πŸš€


Are you struggling with complex NGINX configurations? Tired of sifting through online forums for answers to your server woes? Look no further! In today's live stream, we're diving deep into the capabilities of NGINX One and how it can help you identify and correct configuration mistakes with ease.


πŸ” What we'll cover:
- An in-depth introduction to NGINX One and its game-changing features.
- Step-by-step guidance on using NGINX One to detect common and obscure configuration errors.
- Real-time demonstrations of NGINX One in action, troubleshooting live examples.
- Expert tips on optimizing your NGINX server for performance and security.
- Live Q&A session where we answer your burning questions about NGINX configurations and best practices.


πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Who should join:
- Platform teams, App delivery teams, and DevOps engineers looking to streamline their NGINX management.

- Developers interested in deploying NGINX more efficiently within their workflows.

- Anyone curious about the latest tools and technologies in NGINX configuration and optimization.


πŸ“… Save the date! Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your NGINX skills and ensure your web services are running smoothly. Set a reminder now and get ready to unlock the full potential of NGINX One with us!

Published Jun 20, 2024
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Date and Time
Jun 24, 202410:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT