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Feb 27, 2024

what is the use of "JavaScript Obfuscator" in ASM ?

Hi Experts , 


About - Bug ID 1060393: Extended high CPU usage caused by JavaScript Obfuscator.

Can someone please explain the use of "JavaScript Obfuscator" process in ASM ? what is the use of it . 

Is there any workaround for the bug ID 1060393 ?


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  • Obfuscator changes software codes to make it very difficult to be read, e.g. changing the function and variable name to random names, removing new lines and tab with spaces. adding random codes, etc.

    As it is difficult to be read, users including hackers will get more difficulties to find bugs/loopholes in the software codes.
    This doesnt affect the internal web developer as they have original (non obfuscated) codes.

    Obfucation example is in:

    If the codes is already obfuscated, it is better to exclude it from ASM obfuscator.
    I suggest you check this with the web developer team.