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Aug 02, 2011

Virtual server: impact of http profile

hi, i'd like to know more about the impact of the http profile on connections. We have a virtual server setup to laod balance to MySQL servers - when we apply the http profile to our SQL VIP it seems to 'break' the connection. Once the http profile is removed the F5 forwards traffic to the servers as needed. I am wondering then if the http profile under a vip rewrites the connection in anyway or is it just there to tell the F5 to 'look' into the http header?






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  • HTTP profile makes BIG-IP turn on its HTTP proxy, and it will try to make sure that traffic conforms to HTTP spec. If it does not, then it will stop processing, which is what is happening on your virtual server. I would not enable HTTP profile anything but HTTP traffic virtual server.
  • Hi mhuss3y,



    Can you check the logs when you applied the HTTP profile and when the connection breaks?



    tail -f /var/log/ltm



    Also, can you capture the tcpdumps?



    tcpdump -ni 0.0:nnn -s0 host or host or host



    Do you know what is the maximum http headers that your getting everytime it failed? The Maximum Header Size in HTTP profile by default is 32768 bytes. BIGIP TMM uses the Maximum Header Size option to create a memory buffer to hold the HTTP header for processing. When a request exceeds the specified HTTP header size limit, the BIG-IP system aborts the connection by sending a TCP RST - that is one posibility that I can think when your connection "breaks".



    Hope that helps.


  • i don't know much about mysql. anyway, i don't think the mysql virtual server handles http request. as johns mentiones, it will break connection.



    btw, why would u like to use http profile on the mysql virtual server??