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Nov 09, 2011

unable to backup my UCS file

I have been trying to create a UCS file but i am getting an error message.




md5sum: /home/peter/ No such file or directory


Fatal: executing: md5sum /home/peter/\


Operation aborted.


/tmp/configsync.spec: Error creating package



WARNING:There are error(s) during saving.


Not everything was saved.


Be very careful when using this saved file!





Could you help me in solving this.


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    It appears that you have a space in front of the "192.... This is causing md5sum to abort. There are several ways to fix this. If you don't need the file:



    rm '/home/peter/'



    If you want to keep the file, you can "mv" it



    mv '/home/peter/' /home/peter/



  • is there any process e.g. background process which relates to that file/directory?
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    I feel certain there is a file in your home directory that contains some sort of non-printable character. It appears that the file contains an IP address followed by the word "share". You can try this:



    find /home/peter -name \*share -ls



    If the find command locates the file in question, look at the 1st field which is known as the inode number. You can remove the file using the inode number and the find command:



    find /home/peter -inum -exec rm -i {} \;



    Here is my example. I created a file in /home/admin with the touch command:



    touch /home/admin/\



    I get similar output when attempting to perform md5sum on the file:





    md5sum: No such file or directory



    Using the find command, I get the inode number. In this case 6250:



    find /home/admin -name \*share -ls


    6250 1 -rw------- 1 root root 0 Nov 10 07:39 /home/admin/\



    Using the find command, I can remove this using the inode number:



    find /home/admin -inum 6250 -exec rm -i {} \;


    rm: remove regular empty file `/home/admin/'? y



    If this doesn't work, I would open a case with F5 support as this is affecting the ability to create archives and config sync.