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Apr 23, 2012

Truststore file does not exist : Socket exception

I face the above exception while using iControl Assembly 10.2 Java. I have read all the other posts on this same topic but they did not help. I have explicilty included "XTrustProvider.install();" in my calling code. There are many other security providers present , but if I delete them I face errors caused by their dependency.


What can be done ?


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  • Hi Hasan, not sure what to recommend here. It sounds like it's dependent on your environment. I run a stock JRE environment in my tests with the supplied 3rdparty libs in the iControl Library for Java distribution and don't have the problem. Just adding the XTrustProvider.install() invocation fixes the problem for me. I'm not an expert in the java security infrastructure so I'm not sure what to recommend here. Anyone else have any ideas?
  • Hey Joe,



    I am running the IBM JRE and getting the following error. Does F5 have any plans or fixes to allow running with the IBM JDK?