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Jun 24, 2011

Suppress log messages during maintenance

A brief summary of our deploy process:



Every week a group of our virtual servers is deleted, a master server is then updated and cloned back to the original IP addresses, essentially updating 50 servers at once.



I am looking for a way to suppress the syslog messages generated during these deploys when the virtual servers are deleted and then added back in. The maintenance usually occurs at the same time every week but that is not always the case so I don't want to block out a specific time every week to ignore the log messages. Is there a way to configure a rule that can be enabled before a deploy and then disabled once that deploy is finished to prevent these syslogs from being sent out?


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  • Hi Jason,



    You could add a step to your procedures to blank the remote syslogging during the maintenance window:



    Remove the syslog include statements from memory


    b syslog include none



    Reload the syslog and other config from disk to memory


    b load



    Note that the 'b load' would have a momentary impact on active connections. You could also save off the syslog include statements and re-enter them using bpsh instead of running a b load.



  • Thanks Aaron, that is something we could look into but it looks like that would suppress all syslog messages. Is there a way to do something similar but apply it to one specific pool?



    We have about 25 server pools and are looking to suppress messages for just the pools that are undergoing maintenance, that way we can still monitor everything else. As it sits right now I am getting about 150 log messages during the maintenance of a single pool making it hard to monitor the rest of our devices.