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Jan 16, 2012

Remove IIS nodes from pool with file drop

Hello All,



Hopefully this should not be too hard.



We have a web farm of 7 servers sitting behind 2 BIG IP 3600’s The application deployment process is currently automated.


Before deploying our IIS app, we still have a manual task to take the individual nodes out of the pool before deploying.



Ideally I would like to drop a file into the IIS directory of my application and have an iRule take that node out of the pool on seeing this file, and again put it back in on seeing another file.



I don't normally allow connections to drain.



Thanks in advance.


2 Replies

  • Not sure you'd want irules for this, just use an http monitor and have it poll occasionally for /active or something. Whilst that returns a 200 you'll have an active server, rename it or such like, and the device will become unavailable. You can easily expand on this logic, maybe make it a reverse monitor looking for a /offline.txt file or something.
  • As Chris says, you should be able to use a monitor to check for the file indicating the pool member is under maintenance. If you want to have connections to that member immediately reset when the monitor fails, you can check the pool setting for 'action on service down' to reset.