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Sep 28, 2011

reject user url without /owa



I have Exchange 2010. How to prevent user to get IIS picture error when he not put correct url like webmail.mydomain/owa.


Finally i went with irule to reject user when he not type http://webmail.mydomain/owa




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  • Can you clarify what you're trying to do? Do you want to prevent access to http://webmail.mydomain/owa, force a redirect from http to https, or redirect / requests to /owa?



  • Thanks to reply


    i'm trying to redirect user request ends with / to http://webmail.mydomain/owa.


    it's also possible to generate dynamic 'sorry page '?


    i accept any irule sample .




    when HTTP_REQUEST {
    if {[HTTP::uri] equals {/}} {HTTP::uri {/owa}

    Dynamic sorry page as in if what lives at /owa is down? If so you could utilize "Priority Group Activation" and host your sorry page on the member with the lowest priority... You would then need to set your "less than" parameter appropriately for the amount of pool members you have..
  • in case u want redirect.



    [root@tulip:Active] config b virtual bar list


    virtual bar {


    snat automap


    pool foo




    ip protocol tcp


    rules myrule












    [root@tulip:Active] config b rule myrule list


    rule myrule {


    when HTTP_REQUEST {


    if {[HTTP::uri] equals "/"} {


    HTTP::redirect ""









    [root@tulip:Active] config curl -Ik


    HTTP/1.0 302 Found




    Server: BigIP


    Connection: Keep-Alive


    Content-Length: 0



    [root@tulip:Active] config b profile myhttp list


    profile http myhttp {


    defaults from http


    fallback ""





    [root@tulip:Active] config b pool foo|grep -i pool\ member


    +-> POOL MEMBER foo/ inactive,down



    [root@tulip:Active] config curl -Ik


    HTTP/1.0 302 Found




    Connection: close



  • Indeed, if you want a 302 redirect and have the browser bar show "/owa", Nitass' example is what you want.