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Mar 25, 2022

Python script to request SSL-certificate at Sectigo and configure on F5

Hey everyone, I am trying to write a python script (using SDK: f5-common-python) that will generate a CSR, request an SSL Certificate by Sectigo and that will be automatically renewed through F5 when it expires. However, I have read the documentation ( and can't quite find out how this can be achieved. Can anyone help?

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  • Hello Silver_back,

    You can create a CSR and send a request to get an SSL certificate using a regular Linux script.

    After you get your final cert, you can use F5-SDK to upload that certificate to the device and install it.


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      Thank Dario for your reply.

      I found out that what I am trying to achieve could also be done with certificate order manager, however, the SSL certificate must be configured with certificate order manager, it would arrange to get the SSL certificate from a specified certificate authority and automatically renew when it expires.  However am having trouble finding the CLI command to configure certificate with certificate order manager. Do you perhaps know the commands?