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Mar 17, 2023

Metadata information when creating Virtual Server with Ansible

Hi everyone,

I am new ansible user, I was trying to create virtual server with anisble, and I notice that BIGIP will show metadata infomation on virtual server on cli configuration. don't know whether the metadata info could be remove or not? Want to deploy the configure without metadata info. I was hope someone here could anwser me the question.

ltm virtual my-virtual-server {
creation-time 2023-03-17:14:23:41
ip-protocol tcp
last-modified-time 2023-03-17:14:23:41
metadata {
f5-ansible.last_modified {
value "2023-03-17 06:23:41.627156"
f5-ansible.version {
value 2.9.6
pool pool_hackityourself
profiles {
http { }
tcp { }
source-address-translation {
type automap
translate-address enabled
translate-port enabled
vs-index 21