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Feb 02, 2012

Link Controller Setup




I have a LC with three routers and four links L1,L2,L3,L4.



The customer requirement is two load balance outbound and inbound traffic.



1-For the outbound traffic the requirements are


a-To load balance vpn over the three links L1, L2 and L3 “equally”.


b-To load balance all other traffic (web browsing) over the link L4 and if this link reaches its limit, to load balance on the other three links L1, L2, and L3 and use only 1Mbps on each link.



So the question is how I am going to created policy or configure the link controller in this case? Since in the Link Controller “Links” Tab, I can create a link and set the bandwidth or even add cost load balancing.


But how the F5 will distinguish if the link for browsing has reached the limit to use only 1Mbps from each other three links?



2-For inbound traffic:


a-The published website for the customer will be initiated from the outside, so do I need a wide ip and a listener in this case? Or I just create VS with public ip address and direct the traffic to the inside?



3-Moreover, I have initially configured the LC, and bind monitor(icmp_gateway) to the Link but the Link is unavailable due to the monitor failure. i tried to use another monitor but is giving me error “bigip_link from gtmd : no reply from big3d: timed out”. I restarted the big3d service and the Link stays unavailable with the same error.



Kindly I need your assistance.













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  • Hi George,


    First of all I am sure you know that Point to Point IPSEC VPN due to its nature can not be load balanced ... so when you are saying load balancing vpn what I understand is that you are talking about client vpn connecting to the site, m I correct or not? If it is about client to site VPN then yes the load balancing is possible and what you have to do is to create a wideip and bind this wide ip to a pool which will have three members from each ISP IP which then finally points to your inside VPN device to terminate the connection. May be I have explained it in a very highlevel way to make u understand the senario if yes let me know then i will explain in detail.The browsing can be kept on a single fourth ISP and if the traffic increases the further traffic can be sent to other links but Which version of TMOS are you running on LC????
  • For the second question, Is there any about Inbound traffic?? I´m in the same scenario.


  • how about contentiously traffic was came though F5 growth high, in behalf case server was down?