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Sep 18, 2020

iRule for simple node assignment



I'm struggling with a simple iRule that just doesn't work in my environment.


A standard VS with all default options (http profile) has only one iRule as resource (no pool assigned).


The iRule looks like this:






Obviously there is more code to calculate IP address before assign it to the node, but in the end this is the goal.

Even if I write it just like the example it's not working.


Also tried it in other stages like HTTP_REQUEST but with no success....


Any ideas ?


Best regards,




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    With this, your virtual server itself won't show/become available. Kindly configure a pool and add required node under it with service port where your service/application is running. So F5 will forward request to the node on configured service. With this, if pool come up, your virtual server will also become available once you configure iRule on it. And it will work as expected.

    pool POOL_NAME

    Hope it helps!

  • Hi,


    The missing code in the irule performs a name lookup to determine its IP address (dynamic).


    It used to work before.


    Thanks for your help anyway.