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Oct 13, 2011

How to close client connection when server closed connection

I am developing a upload service,And I use the f5 Load balance. The upload server will check the upload is correct. If server find some error in upload stream, Server should close the connection.



I can close the underlying socket between the server and f5. But I cannot close the connection between f5 and client.


I tried to use the irule like








{ reject }




but no effect.




How can i do this?







Very thanks!


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  • Hi coolzyt,

    Try this and see if it works for you:

    when HTTP_REQUEST {
    log local0. "Client IP Address:  [IP::client_addr]."
    when LB_SELECTED {
    log local0. "Load Balanced Server:  [LB::server addr]"
    when SERVER_CLOSED {
    log local0. "Server Connection Closed to [IP::server_addr]."
    log local0. "TCP Connection Closed to [IP::client_addr]."
  • Thank you Michael!


    I have solved it. The server must use the RST packet to closed the connection,And f5 can close client connection now!


    The only confused thing is the RST won't trigger SERVER_CLOSED event.Anyway, It works!