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Mar 23, 2012

HELP! using LB_fail

So i'm trying to get html to display when active members of the pool are not available. I have tried 4 or 5 different rules and i get the same result which is just the standard IE message.



Here is my latest....






set my_pool [LB::server pool]




when LB_FAILED {


log local0. "[active_members $my_pool]"


if { [active_members $my_pool] < 1 } {


HTTP::respond 200 content {





















Please help, i'm kind of a noob to irules.


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  • Hi Brandon,



    That looks about right. Do you see the LB_FAILED log message?



    Can you make a request to the virtual server using curl and check the response as well as the /var/log/ltm output? You can use curl like this to make the request:



    curl -v


    curl -kv



  • I do not see anything in the logs. I was wondering about using the DNS_REQUEST event for the IF statement. for some reason i don't get the desired results with multiple tries on different irules i configured to do the same thing.
  • i would start some basic debugging, output something in client_accepted event to check if that part is reached.



    then output the selected pool to see if that makes sense.



    start simple and then expand.


  • what do you mean by "standard IE message." are you seeing connection reset error?
  • Boneyard,


    I came to that conclusion yesterday and will be testing the irule with some extra log inputs on thursday. Thanks for the push!





    "your page cannot be displayed"
  • our web addy is https, i dont know if that is causing a problem or if there is something not enabled. i added additional log inputs and i do not see them in the logs at all. What could be the issue
  • I also realized under the statistics page for irules that nothing has been counted even the default irules have nothing.
  • Thanks for the help, i resolve my problem, but now i have another one. I will create a new string with it.