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Nov 22, 2013

GTM Listener ip with routing domain



is it possible to make listener ip with routing domain value such as %1. Because we need to implement gtm on single network with delegation method. So we have to make that.? For example; There is single subnet like and i have given two different ip in self ip such as for client side for server side.That's why, Could some one interpret about the implementation ?


Thank you.


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    Yes its possible. Most commonly this is accomplished by Route Domains and User Partitions. Once the Route Domain has been linked to the User Partition any listener created in the User Partition will be created with the Route Domain suffix.


    If User Partitions are not possible. A new Virtual Server can be created with the correct Route Domain suffix via TMSH. Once the Virtual Server is created ensure you apply the DNS profile with GTM Enabled.


    I know this will work on 11.x and higher code.


  • but when look route domain guide it says that if you have both gtm and ltm on the same box you can only perform this for internal. i think if we have one more devices which is runnig with gtm we can perform this on the box. thank you