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Oct 05, 2017

File upload failed, please check log file for details



I am trying to update a certificate. I generated CSR, got the cert and when i try to upload the file or paste the text, i get following message "File upload failed, please check log file for details".


Also, i checked /var/log, ltm, messages etc, i didn't find any relevant logs for this.


Please advise


Regards Pooja


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  • Hi,

    Do you have enough disk space on your BIG IP ?

    Try to launch the following command

    df -h

    And verify that there are available space. If you discover that one of the filesystem has a high percentage of used space, you need to delete or increase the space assigned to that particular file system.

    Check this documentation :

    If it is not a disk space issue, try the import of the cert. by command line check this article

    Waiting for your feedback


  • check the /shared/tmp directory. And ensure the permission of this directory is set to 777.

    # ls -ld /shared/tmp


    drwxrwxrwt. 23 root root 24576 2019-06-11 17:40 /shared/tmp


    If not set to 777. Change to 777 using chmod command;


    # chmod 777 /shared/tmp




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      Hello, dear, it worked wonderfully, could you tell me how you got to the solution?