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Feb 07, 2024

EdgeClient Version Display Mismatch

We observe there is a mismatch to the EdgeClient version displayed on the Application and on the Windows control panel programs.

For example:
On the EdgeClient application of v7240, it displays full version details.

But on the same windows machine under control panel - Programs, it does not display the exact same version of EdgeClient.

Is this a expected behaviour or an issue.

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  • That's interesting! Not sure exactly where Windows picks up that version number from, but the display sure does look like it should say "2023" instead of "23". 

    This article is where the build numbers for those are:

    I'd suggest opening a support ticket so the issue can be tracked.


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      Hi Lucas, 



      We were looking the Build Version to be displayed correctly as 7240 or 7245 rather than only 72.23 or 72.2023

  • Thanks for the clarification. I do know that not all components are necessarily updated with each build, so the "overall version" can differ, and this has caused confusion sometimes when carefully analyzing them.

    The most accurate way to obtain build numbers for all of the various components that are included in Edge Client is to use the report functionality to have the client generate a diagnostic report. Individual build numbers for the various components are all generated and you can view them as a web page.