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Feb 14, 2012

Do active-active configuration use more CPU

I recently configured a pair of 1600 from active-standby to an active-active configuration. I now see on the CPU graph that the %CPU in usage has gone up 30-40%. Is it so that an active-active configuration will use more CPU resources then an active-standby configuration?





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  • I wouldn't expect an overall increase as the traffic should just be spread across two units. Do you see the average load across both boxes up by 30-40% compared with the load on one active unit?



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    That doesnt seem right. Admittedly i only ran active/active for a short time to prove it, but the specific thing wenwere interested in (reducing the cpu load) was proven to be correct at the time (9.3.1 on a 6400 IIRC).



  • That's odd. What do top and tmstat show for CPU usage?