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Jun 23, 2011

automatically deploying vmware template as a result of intensive resource usage on f5 bigip

Dear all


first of all I'd like to say hello, I'm new here.


I'm searching for a solution which allows to automate deployment of template -> virtual machine to pool when pool members are running out of resources.


i found already document describing similar scenario but it uses cloning which not suits me as it is very slow.



Any help appreciated



many thanks






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  • Jan,



    I assume you are referring to this document:



    Have you taken a look at our vSphere Plugin.



    This plugin will allow you to easily automate the F5 portion of the workflow you are describing. The plugin utilizes a rules engine one function of which is to add VMs to Pools upon VM creation. (i.e. if the VM has "Web" in the name then add to the http_pool on the LTM)



    You may also want to look at this video: this video shows the workflow you are requesting in action. It leverages vCloud Director, and iControl API calls to accomplish the workflow you are discussing. We have a deployment guide which details how to deploy this solution here:



    One thing we have seen done to decrease the deployment time of the VM, is to have you N number of VMs Powered on, and to have +1 VM instantiated from template, but powered off. When the pool members run out of resources, you would first power on the instantiated but powered off VM, and then instantiate another VM from template. This means that you will have a pre-cloned VM ready to power on when the pool runs out of resources.



    This is simply a reversal of the last two steps in the workflow you had seen in the VMware-provisioning deployment guide. instead of


    Trigger event> instantiating from template, waiting for that to complete > powering that VM on,



    You would


    pre-create an extra VM, >trigger event> power on > instantiate from template.