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Connection reset by peer via Standard Virtual Server



I got an api backend service behind an F5, the problem is if Virtual Server is Standard then client gets "Connection reset by peer", the problem is disapeared if i switch to Performance (HTTP).

However, Performance HTTP would not allow to config application security policy, so is there any solution for Standard type.

Thank you



Have you got health monitors or http profiles turned on?

Hi @TD-Bernie

- Enable rest cause ( Log & Packet ) >>>

- Check /var/log/ltm >> while applying http profile. 
- Take a Pcap again >> and check all of reset packets. 
Note ( Do that while applying http profile ) 
- Also Create custom http profile >>> try to modify Maximum header size & header count. 
Refer to those articles :

>>> you can share the Pcap if you want to have a look. 



Mohamed Kansoh

Hello Mohamed,

I am not sure the root cause of this problem, but it seems to be network issue cause i checked at that night, the connection was okay again, it kept unstable until i tried to change ip address of virtual server (i could make sure there is no ip conflict).

Thank you.

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