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VIP Bounce - I am facing a Show stopper


Dear Team,



My network is as follows



In my scenario , servers and vip resides in same network . Default gateway of servers are Core switch .


Following is I have done


1) Created a internal VLAN ( etherchanneled)


2) Created SelfIP- Non floating (


3) Created SelfIP - Floating (


4) Created VIP -


default gateway of F5 is ( core switch which is the default gateway of servers too)



I have created SNAT ( autonat) on the VIP .



issue what i am facing is when i access the real IPs and on port 8006 portal works with out any issues . Nevertheless when i access it through which is VIP , clients are not getting any response ( getting as connection interrupted)


I have no clue why even after SNAT this issue is happening. i have target of finishing this task tomorrow and still i am no where in resolving this.



Can somebody help me out in this?



thanks a ton in advance






F5 Employee
F5 Employee
have you captured traffic on bigip to see what is going on?





tcpdump -nni 0.0:nnn -s0 -w /var/tmp/output.pcap host x.x.xx. or host y.y.y.y or host z.z.z.z


x.x.x.x is virtual server ip


y.y.y.y is pool member ip


z.z.z.z is another pool member ip