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Violation not ASM learning suggestions



do you know why a request violation by signature has no suggeston? , I am seeing the requests that trigger the signature but it does not give me the option of suggestions




It should be accept suggestion to allow it. The AMS signatures have a Learn option under them but for violations is different.




If you have issues learning signatures check if the automatic policy builder is enabled for the ASM policy and and check under signatures that the ""learn"" checkmark is enabled for the specific signature id:

The question is why it does not appear to me as a suggestion option,


If the policy builder is enabled then check for bugs:




Maybe even a restart of the device may fix this. You may just restart the ASM process but better a full reboot as I had such issue before.

F5 Employee
F5 Employee

Can you determine, by reviewing the full request, whether or not it was sent by a bot or automated tool? By default, learning suggestions are not generated by bot traffic.