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PFA based on the monitoring


Hello All,


I have a requirement, where: -

  1. I have to configure an LTM pool (Pool-A) with 6 servers ( (3 servers( PGA 2, 3 Servers( PGA 3).
  2. There are 6 more servers ( which will decide whether we have to use the passive servers in pool A or not.
  3. If all the servers in range are up and running then F5 should forward the traffic only to 3 Active servers based on the PGA priority.
  4. But if any one of the server goes down in range then F5 should include 1 server from the Passive pool members.
  5. and If the server came back online then F5 should switch the load again to Active 3 servers only.


Can you please help me in achieving this.


F5 Employee
F5 Employee

There isn't a standard mechanism to achieve this.


You could investigate using iCall to monitor for pool member changes in the relevant pool, and modify the pool config when these changes are detected. This will cause changes to the config that require syncing (or will create additional auto-sync traffic).


An alternative approach would be to set up an iCall script on a timer, checking the number of members in the pool, and adding extra members from the standby pool to keep the number of members in the primary pool at a constant.


It's a complex requirements, and there are not any easy solutions.