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LTM routing question


front end self IP back end self IP (single LTM)


Quick Question on LTM. If I have a request come from and it resolves to a virtual server (Front end) and that VS selects (back end)pool member in a pool I understand that the responding pool member uses its default gateway but how does know to send the request to (front end self IP) for transmission back to via Since the Source address never changed (not using SNAT) is it just an entry on the F5 when it "proxies" the request that remains in the LTM?


Thanks please let me know if I need to clarify more. JUst trying to understand all steps in a request that has both subnets setup on the box.




Your question is not very clear but as you have stated you are not used SNAT any return traffic needs to route via the F5 LTM.


Can be default route or specific route via the F5 Self IP if this is not the case then need to turn on SNAT or look at direct server response, used to be called nPath.



Source: VIP: Pool: Gateway: || Ques: Self ip -- Self ip 2 -- || LTM is reverse proxy -- device or service placed between a client and a server in a network infrastructure. Incoming requests are handled by the LTM, which interacts on behalf of the client with the desired server or service residing on the server.


In your case LTM knows whats the next hope to reach and as self ip reside within LTM- ARP place a role to make sure which interface/vlan has self ip configured.