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Log message code list?


SOL16197: Reviewing BIG-IP log files describes local traffic log message format as:



Message code is split into:


Message code: The code that is associated with the message. The code is comprised of the following sub-codes:


  • Product Code: The first two hex digits form the product code. For example, 0x01 is the BIG-IP product code.
  • Subset Code: The third and fourth hex digits are the subset code. For example, 0x2a is the subset code for LIBHAL.
  • Message Number: The next four digits form the message number within a module.
  • Severity Level: The last digit between the colon symbols is the severity level, with 0 being the highest severity level.

Are the Product and Subset codes listed anywhere? Would help in processing log messages further in Splunk or similar tool.