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irule behaviour different after upgrade




Hope that somebody can help me with the following:

In release we had the following part of an irule:

set uri [HTTP::uri]

($dg is the data group name constructed of some variables, which contains allowed uri)


   if {[class match $uri starts_with $dg] }


          if { $static::otudebug }{ log local0. "DataGroup $dg URI Match, [IP::client_addr]" }


      else {


But after the upgrade to the uri didn't match any more.

Even when changing the uri allowed in the datagroup to "/". Which would basically means that all is allowed.

But this still didn't match ????

by changing the irul to :

  if {[class match $uri contains $dg] }

This made the whole script working again (also with the original uri..)


Am i missing something or is this a bug in the v14 release?




I remember seeing an equals bug btw... but starts_with is something new... Interesting.

Bookmarking this to see future answers.


BTW were you able to generate a qkview and upload on the ihealth to see the bugs & fixes.

Yes, I did use the ihealth.

But sadly 0 bugs .

You can open a F5 case and confirm this. Unfortunately I dont have this version to test and confirm it.


F5 support engineer can spin up one and have this tested and resolve your issue.


After debugging and keeping my head clear.

When logging the URI which has been send

set uri [HTTP::uri]

        if { $static::debug }{ log local0. "DataGroup $dg URI Match, [IP::client_addr], RECEIVED URI: $uri"

It showed the following:

Jan 22 08:19:33 xxxxinfo tmm3[14209]: Rule /parte/irule <CLIENTSSL_CLIENTCERT>: DataGroup URI Match,, RECEIVED URI:


So uri isn't uri anymore but just the whole HTTP request.

F5 says different: