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How to sort and filter?


I am trying to sort and filter a couple of things and any help would be appreciated.

I need to sort and extract all Layer 4 traffic . There are about 500+ virtual servers and I would like to know  how to sort out which of those are layer 4 traffic and which others are just plain jane virtual servers with no irules or profiles or have anything special going on besides just A to B traffic.   I hope this makes sense, the customer just wants to know of what do they have, that doesn't have any logic behind the routing or traffic. I can't figure out how to extract that information easily. 



That's not an easy task, since each single virtual server might run several possible different combinations of traffic profiles to modify traffic behavior. 

Network map tool should give you a pretty straight-forward look on the configuration. 

Other than that you might make a good use of the CLI to extract informations one at a time and report them in some sort of file. 
For example, first you list all profiles: " tmsh list ltm virtual all one-line | egrep --color 'ltm virtual|profiles' " , then you list all NAT's " tmsh list ltm virtual all one-line | egrep --color 'ltm virtual|source-address-translation' " , then you list all iRules ..