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F5 Big IP LTM, Cannot access or ping Virtual Server IP


I've made a basic setup for Big IP LTM to load balance between 2 webservers. Neither of them can ping the LTM Virtual server, or connect to it. No other devices on or off the network can either. I've searched for any solution at all, but to no avail. And yes, I have ICMP replies enabled.


  Do you have multiple route domains configured? Can you please check routing part?



I don't have any route domains configured. I'm solely trying to connect via IP address of the virtual server, which I cannot do.


Check also if Packet Filters is disabled (Network -> Packet Filters) and AFM module is installed.

Take a look also and Auto Last hop settings (enabled) on your Virtual Server and VLAN configuration.

I have done as you suggested. I can now ping the virtual server IP, but I still cannot connect with a web browser.

Can you explain on what you realdy did? disabled Packet Filters ?

Have you assign à HTTP profile on your virtual server ?

Packet filters were disabled by default, I'm using the apache iApp, so that HTTP profile is automatically installed.

Can you run these few tests form the F5 please ?

  • A cURL to your Virtual Server
  • A Ping and a cURL to your backend server


Can you show us you Virtual Server config ?

Please check SNAT settings.



SNAT is set to automap