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Cookie - Persistence Profile


Hi Guys,


Just a question on Cookie Insert. We have a settings on our VIP to have Cookie insert with a time out of 12 hours. Question would be


  • What will happen to my session considering that I am logged in after 12 hours will I be logged out?
  • Can we set a redirect once the f5 cookie expire?






The browser takes care of cookie expiration on the client side when the session ends. At the same time the F5 device would drop the entry from the persistence table.


What you could do is to redirect all users with an iRule that does not have the persistence cookie present? Something like this:


  1. Create a new persistence profile of type cookie and assign a cookie name, ie "persistenceCookie".
  2. Add an iRule that looks something like this:



when HTTP_REQUEST { If the persistence cookie does not exist and the user is not at the login page, redirect the user to the login page if { ![HTTP::cookie exists persistenceCookie] && !([HTTP::uri] starts_with "/login/")}{ HTTP::respond 302 Location "/login/" } }

You'd need to modify it some of course, but it might do the trick.