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Can Vlan tag checking disable on LTM?



version: 14.1.5

I'm deploying Voice Recording Server LB.  LTM recevies mirrored traffic by switch which connected directly. The traffics seperated each direction on mirrored switch and then it send taffics two ports connected LTM. one port dedicated Rx traffic, another port dedicated Tx traffic. Also LTM seperated Rx, Tx ports and seperated vlans. The vlans are untagged.

I found out some of the traffic dropped. the dropped taffices have vlan tag. I try to configure tagged vlan number Rx, Tx directions. Unfortunately, can't set the same vlan tag number at the same time. one-way voice failure..

I want to forward the tagged packets  like untagged packets. Can Vlan tag checking disable on LTM ? 



Community Manager
Community Manager

@bohyun - looks like no traction on this question. Let me see if I can find someone to help.

Community Manager
Community Manager

that might be vlan source checking but I haven't set that up before so I'm not sure...maybe this will help? A drawing would help on my end to see what you're trying to accomplish, I think I'm missing something.

You could also look in the key database to see if something exists for that:

tmsh list sys db | grep vlan

This one looks promising:

sys db bcm56xxd.hgvlan_check_disable {

F5 Employee
F5 Employee

are you saying that you want to have both tagged and untagged traffic on the same interface?