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BIOS upgrade error while BIG-IP software update from 12.0.0 to




I was updating BIG-IP software from 12.0.0 to when /var/log/ltm reported:

>>>********** BIOS **********>>>

info chmand[4241]: 012a0006:6: Currently installed BIOS version: 2.02.171 (202171, 0x000315bb)

info chmand[4241]: 012a0006:6: Updating BIOS version 2.04.010, image /usr/firmware/stratos-bios-0433-xx-

notice chmand[4241]: 012a0005:5: Updating BIOS to /usr/firmware/stratos-bios-0433-xx-

notice chmand[4241]: 012a0005:5: Using layout file /usr/firmware/stratos-rom.layout to update bios region

notice chmand[4241]: 012a0005:5: Updating BIOS... DO NOT POWER DOWN

info chmand[4241]: 012a0006:6: /bin/bios_update: flashrom not safe for BIOS updates yet.

emerg chmand[4241]: 012a0000:0: BIOS update failed. Check /var/log/ltm for errors

info chmand[4241]: 012a0006:6:

<<<********** BIOS **********<<<

Tha system is operational but what could cause the failure? Can I upgrade BIOS separately somehow?


Thank you in advance for help 😉



F5 Employee
F5 Employee

This is due to ID751991 - you will need to raise a F5 Support ticket to obtain a fixed release (Engineering Hotfix).

Thank you a lot for the answer, but don't you mind to send a link that has bug ID751991 documented by F5? Couldn't find on

That ID hasn't made it into a release note or the bug tracker yet.