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BIG-IQ CM doesn't discover DCD


Hi team!


I have a CM and 2 DCDs on my Azure environment, but I can't seem to discover the second DCD.


It gives me the message "Master key differs" even tho I configured all of them equaly. I did try using "clear-rest-storage -d -l" on both affected DCD and CM, but it didn't work.


Did any of you seen anything like this?




Warm regards,

Thiago Theodoro



Hello Thiago,


Yes ,it's often due to a mistyped passphrase.

During the initial setup of you BIG-IQ you chose a specific master key passphrase, you need to use this same passphrase during the initial set-up of other BIG-IQ or DCD systems before they get discovered.


Have you try to followed the K10799025 to solve your issue ?

Hi Lidev! Thanks for the answer!


Yeah, I've tried everything to be honest. And the passphrase isn't mistyped sinced I wrote it down in a notepad and CtrlC'd CtrlV'd it on CM and DCDs.


Doesn't make sense since one DCD is ok and running and the other one simply doesn't discover and yet it gives me this error.

what version of the BIG-IQ/DCD do you use?

The version is 6.1.0


Did you see the comment on step 20 of Deploying a Data Collection Device and respect the process ?


"If you are setting up a Microsoft Azure VE, and you type an entry in any of the fields, you will not be able to continue successfully. The only way to proceed is to leave all of the fields empty and click the Next button at the bottom of the screen. This allows the system to use the first-time access credentials you specified previously."


Sure! I've read it all!


But this step you just said, is about the passwords of admin and root after you use the command "clear-rest-storage -d -l". The command makes you go through all the config utility again, but doesn't clear license and is just click next (that's what the step 20 says about, but regarding the admin and root password).

Hello Thiago,

I'm sorry, I'm out of ideas. Maybe you can raise a F5 support ticket to get you out of this mess.

Hi Lidev!


Don't you worry! I've opened a case for this, so if I get any answer that solves the problem, I'll post it here so everyone can know too!



Cool, thank you 👍