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Secret HTTP redirection

Hi,   I need to hide HTTP redirection on LTMs using an iRule.   Here's my simple example:    when HTTP_REQUEST {   if { [HTTP::uri] starts_with "/test"} {   HTTP::redirect "http://xx.xx.xx.xx/test"   log local0. "Enabling redirection for HTTP:...

intra / inter network (conection) mirroring on viprion

when reading the Viprion configuration guide it says that F5 advises to use intra (within cluster) network mirroring and that this is mutually exclusive from inter network (between clusters) mirroring.   i can understand part of the logic for a Vipri...

GTM DNS Records

on my LDNS sever , i need to create 3 DNS records from the below link :   but i tested with one NS record that forwards requests to m...


Hi,I am trying to enable RAM Cache on my http profile that assigned to Virtual Server. I am using default settings. Following the F5 dump(b profile http 'http profile name' entry show all) the javascript files doesn't cached. Can someone help?What am...

APM V11.1HF1 querying Active Directory

Hi Everyone,     I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on an issue I'm having with a LAB setup. I have a pretty average APM policy setup (Built from the wizard), but I'm attempting to check if the users are a member of a AD group, and assi...

HTTP rewriting problems, realtive path hell.

I need some rewriting rules so that if a user enters in just http://server it will redirect to http://server/application/application, with images coming from http://server/application and spellcheck from http://server/spellcheck.  unfortunately every...

HTTP:uri NOT contain

Hi,Can someone help me with following? I am trying to add additional condition (http:query not contain) after the 'and'.  This way it doesn't work:     if { [[string tolower [HTTP::path]] contains "/abc/" || [string tolower [HTTP::path]] contains "/a...

Get ALL ramcache entires for http profile

When I try to run the following:      b profile http my-http-caching-profile ramcache entry uri / host show     I get only 20 entries from ramcache on this profile. Is there any option to view ALL profile entries? 

_MiF__71 by Nimbostratus
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TACACS Service

When Creating TACACS i need to add multiple Sevice : ppp & shell executeat GUI i can see i can add only one , how to add both ?   

Does anyone know why this wouldn't work?

Hey guys I'm trying to create an iRule to log when a specific source port hits a VS... this is what I've created.    when CLIENT_ACCEPTED {   if {[IP::addr[TCP::client_port] equals "1025"] } {   log "IP and Port: [IP::client_addr]:[...


I created External TACACs Authentication server on : Users > Auth , The problem is that i found that All External users under this External auth Server will have the same Role >>> Guest fro example . What if i need user1 to have Guest access while u...

POST script via LTM causes RESET

Hi, one of our web developers has determined the following POST fails via LTM (BIG-IP 10.2.1 Build 511.0 Hotfix HF3)   But succeeds when posting via the apache node directly   Nothing is logged o...

v9.3 to v10.2 Upgrade - Tips?

Any tips on upgrading from a 9.3 release to the latest 10.2.3HF1 release for LTM/GTM? It's been awhile but if i recall there was an issue with HTTP monitor functionality being changed from v9 to v10. Just looking for anyone that's been through it a...

HELP! using LB_fail

So i'm trying to get html to display when active members of the pool are not available. I have tried 4 or 5 different rules and i get the same result which is just the standard IE message.  Here is my latest....   when CLIENT_ACCEPTED { set my_pool [...

Not your average Persistence iRule

So we have a server that is being load balanced to on .47, this sits in a pool with .46. We are only sending traffic to .47 unless .47 goes down or a health check fails in which case traffic will go to .46(priority group activation lb). This works fi...

24x7_199 by Nimbostratus
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Taking a node out of traffic

If a node is needed to take out of traffic, then I think one needs to disable the user sessions and let them finish and then node can be marked down.  Isn't a right and safe way to do?    

Samurai by Nimbostratus
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MD5 checksum before upgrade

Hello,   In order to upgrade Active and Passive BigIP to version, I downloaded BIGIP- and BIGIP- from F5downloads website.   Before starting the upgrade, I would like to check the ISO file.    md5sum...

POP UP massage window

Hello all, i want to configure F5.. like if any virtual IP configured on F5 goes down... then users accessing web site correspond to that VIP should receive a POP-UP massage with "unavailabilty error massage" Can someone help me with irule or such F...

LLTM Virtual edition

I have installed a LTM virtual edition installed on a ESX  for some reason , the ESX become inaccessible because of the virtual edition ( I guess it is only when we reboot the Virtual edition)   Any ideas why it happens   Thanks Veeram     


Hi  I can see Current Connections count Under a Pool member   What connection count it is, Thanks for you replies   Veeram 

Question about Partitions

I have created a Development partition on my LTM, but I can't figure out how to create/move a VIP into it. I have Admin access on the LTM. Any help would be appreciated 

Irules Question

i have Vs & 2 Pools , i need to forward to one Pool based on source Ip like the below :  If Src ip =x , Forward to Pool1  if not Forward to Pool2 The question is : Can i do the below : Irule Logic : if srx-ip=x forward to Pool1 + use Def Pool und...

URI rewrite and pool with port redirection

I am really new to iRules and am hoping you experts can assist. We have a URL http://myurl that needs to go to two load-balanced packend URLs on different ports:    https://server1:8443/path/newuri?NAME=Item  https://server2:8443/path/newuri?NAME=It...

Is this valid? Http:query

I need to redirect the following:   to   The key is that the 'whetever-gets-typed-next' needs to stay in place when the redirect is issued...

APM session archiving

Is it possible to archive old session data in APM? We are looking at spinning up a few new policies that will hammer us with session data, and I am concerned about being able to query it succinctly (as well as not have my gear get overloaded). I ha...

dubdub by Nimbostratus
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checking either or receive string in http monitors

I have a http monitor which currently uses   GET /id/login.jsp HTTP/1.0\r\n for send string and checks for    Identity for receive string.   This is going to be changed sometime this weekend and I need to change the receive string to Manager.   I a...