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APM with Mac OS X and split tunnel : DNS Order fails


Hi everybody,


We are experiencing a DNS resolution issue with the F5 Access client on Mac OS X.


We have 2 "profiles" right now, one that is a FULL tunnel and an other one which is a Split-tunnel.


FULL tunnel : the corporate DNS servers are enforced in first position in the resolv.conf file, everything works great and there is no problem at all to reach internal ressources (such as example.local)


SPLIT tunnel : the corporate DNS servers are added to the resolv.conf, but in LAST position, which means that the device will continue asking his private ISP for DNS resolution and thus they are not able to resolve corporate internal domain (such as example.local).


Is there a parameter that we missed?

Is there any known issue about that? If yes, is there any fix and/or workaround?


EDIT : some precisions

This only happens on Mac OS X when using the split tunnel.

The DNS server is obsiouvly configured on the F5 appliance and the "Enforce DNS order" parameter is checked.


Thank you very much.