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APM VPN :: users require script to run before DNS resolves internal resources


Alright folks, here's a strange one.


I have some offshore contractors (10-15 users) who have an issue when they connect to our BigIP client, they have to run a script in order to get internal DNS to resolve properly.


@echo on

NET STOP "enstart64" && NET START "enstart64"

NET STOP "F5 Networks Component Installer" && NET START "F5 Networks Component Installer"

NET STOP "F5FltSrv" && NET START "F5FltSrv"

NET STOP "F5TrafficSrv" && NET START "F5TrafficSrv"

NET STOP "client_service" && NET START "client_service"


Before running this script, they cannot connect to our applications. After running the script, they have no issues. This script is run each time they connect.


I can't replicate this issue, and I don't know where this script came from. I've asked the user to test each individual line of the script one by one to see if it's one single process that requires restart.