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20 years ago: Hubble Ultra-Deep Field began

In August 2003, the Hubble Space Telescope began the Hubble Ultra-Deep Field project, which ended 800 exposures later, on January 16, 2004. The images from this project resulted in the image below, containing over 10,000 galaxies. It was the furthest...


my three years life in f5 devcentral community

The first contact with the F5 device was on May 25, 2020,The first contact with the devcentral community was on September 1, 2020. The operation and maintenance environment, F5 LTM and GTM configurations are simple, LTM only use tcp and udp profile, ...

xuwen by MVP
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Evolution of DevCentral

I decided to share some screenshots of DevCentral through the years. While our features have changed, our look certainly has as well!   This is the earliest image of DevCentral available from the wayback machine, from June 13, 2003:   2006:   2008:...

Leslie_Hubertus_0-1686965152980.png Leslie_Hubertus_1-1686965259479.png Leslie_Hubertus_2-1686965268405.png Leslie_Hubertus_3-1686965282443.png

Colin Walker Tribute

Where to start...man, Colin Walker was larger than life. The first full time employee on the DevCentral team, he hit the ground with fury. An iRules extraordinaire, he taught with skill, wit, and kindness. I enjoyed getting to know him when I was a c...

JRahm by Community Manager
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20 years ago...

The last-ever commercial flight of the supersonic Concorde took place on November 26, just a few months after DevCentral went public.  Were you one of the lucky passengers who got to ride on one of those aircraft?

How an F5er uses DevCentral

I recently interviewed F5's own @Sudhir_Patamsetti about his experiences for #DevCentral20 and thought I'd share his words here. Me: How has DevCentral helped you over the years, or allowed you to help others? Sudhir: DevCentral has been instrumental...

What were you doing 20 years ago?

20 years ago DevCentral made its first technical community post and created a place where F5 users could learn from each other. What where you doing 20 years ago? Working in technology or a different industry? Or maybe you were doing something else i...

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What else turns 20 this year?

We share a 20th anniversary with some notable, fun, and cool things, and I'll be making regular posts this month about them.  Here's today's: DevCentral was launched the same year as MySpace.   

The trip so far...

In 2013 I relocated to Wuhan, China working for a Swedish company. It was mostly fun but in the mornings I found myself having a bit of too much spare time. So out of sheer boredom, I decided to try to use the time to get better at my job by answerin...

My Life in DevCentral

Hi Folks, I joined to DevCentral in the beginning of November 2022 from that time a major changes came to my life. F5 DevCentral board appreciated me by giving me the Featured member and followed by MVP title, I can not deny how much I felt appreciat...

Resolved! My Experience So Far

Hello All, So I haven't really posted for help too often but it's because the search function here and the already solved posts have helped me answer all my questions so far. From the other side of this, answering peoples questions has allowed me to ...