F5 Friday: It's an iApps-travaganza!

New iApps are available for your provisioning pleasure.

Programmability is hot, and one of the most efficient forms of programmability are templates. Deployment templates  improve time to market, reduce risk by eliminating the introduction of errors common to manual configuration and contribute to efforts to lower operational costs by automating and orchestration the provisioning and configuration of services.

In the case of F5, that means application services and their complementary iApps.

Now there are already a whole bunch of iApps and many of them support typical deployment scenarios such as an HTTP-based (web) server or DNS services.

But many of the most popular iApps (based on actual customer usage) are those that are specifically designed to help easily and rapidly deploy Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and Oracle solutions. Whether it's IIS or Sharepoint, Exchange or XenApp, PeopleSoft or VMware View, customers take advantage of IApps every day to realize consistent, predictable and repeatable provisioning required to achieve success in an application world.

With that in mind, we've got a great list of New and updated iApps for your provisioning pleasure. All iApps are available at downloads.f5.com and each comes with its own deployment guide that contains manual configuration tables (in case you want to double check, you know, or just want to preview what's going on). 

NEW! Release Candidate:

New Standard Release IApps:

These iApps are f5 supported and available for version 11.x.

If you're not sure about iApps or just want to talk shop with other folks who have used (and written their own iApps) then cruise on over to DevCentral's iApp Community and check it out, log in and join the conversation.

Happy Provisioning!

Published Dec 19, 2014
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