F5 and Ansible Integration webinar

F5 and Ansible have been working together for some time now, with the goal to make application deployments easy through automation. For those wanting an introduction to the integration between F5 & Ansible, I recommend that you check out getting-started-with-ansible – a blog by my colleague Tim Rupp. Over the past few months there has been improvements to the existing F5 modules as well as the addition of new F5 modules which provide greater flexibility to manage and configure the BIG-IP platforms. Based on customer interest, we added modules for creation and configuration of Virtual servers, SNMP, VLANS, GTM configurations, etc. We will be addressing use-cases like onboarding and networking the BIG-IP, application deployment, pool-member monitoring and state, etc.

To learn more Join F5 and Ansible for our webinaron Tuesday March 28th, 2017 from 2PM to 3PM EST where we will:

  • Explain F5 and Ansible integration
  • Cover Existing F5 modules for Ansible and the current development work
  • Show how to use Ansible playbooks to bootstrap F5 BIG-IP and webservers
  • Configure F5 BIG-IP to securely load balance applications using Ansible F5 modules 

Don't miss out! We are looking forward to sharing with you.

Published Mar 20, 2017
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