How to deploy iApps using Puppet Enterprise

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If you have iApp deployed on the F5 BIG-IP and you would like to deploy the same iApp on hundreds of F5 BIG-IP devices programmatically in IT using Puppet Infrastructure. For example below is the Puppet command to retrieve f5.http iApp detail which can be used in Puppet manifest file site.pp to deploy the iApp.

sudo FACTER_url=https://admin:admin@ puppet resource f5_iapp /Common/ [sudo] password for scs: f5_iapp { '/Common/': ensure => 'present', tables => {'basic__snatpool_members' => [], 'net__snatpool_members' => [], 'optimizations__hosts' => [], 'pool__hosts' => [{'name' => ''}], 'pool__members' => [{'addr' => '', 'connection_limit' => '0', 'port' => '80'}], 'server_pools__servers' => []}, template => '/Common/f5.http', variables => {'client__http_compression' => '/#create_new#', 'monitor__monitor' => '/#create_new#', 'monitor__response' => 'none', 'monitor__uri' => '/', 'net__client_mode' => 'wan', 'net__server_mode' => 'lan', 'pool__addr' => '', 'pool__pool_to_use' => '/#create_new#', 'pool__port' => '80', 'ssl__mode' => 'no_ssl', 'ssl_encryption_questions__advanced' => 'no', 'ssl_encryption_questions__help' => 'hide'}, }

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The above example is for deploying f5.http iApp, this information can be used in puppet manifest file site.pp, if you need to deploy other iApps for DDoS, APM or any complex iApp deployment using Puppet you can very well use this information. Please find the Document attached which talks about steps required to deploy simple http iApp.

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Published Jul 04, 2016
Version 1.0

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